YellowPolitan, PixoCorner – Did you say art print?

Who’s that ?

Ces acteurs du marché de la vente de photographie d’art en série limitée ne s’adresse naturellement pas aux collectionneurs avertis, mais au quidam qui, n’osant franchir les portes d’une galerie mais se refusant à un nouveau dimanche suédois, se dit que c’est probablement un bon compromis.

C’est à vous de voir… à grand fort de beau marketing, on vous martèle que l’on vous vend un tirage d’art en série limitée….hum…petit rappel légal: pour qu’un tirage soit considéré « d’art », en France,  il faut d’une part que le nombre de tirages soit inférieur ou égal à 30 d’une part, et que l’auteur ait supervisé le tirage auprès du laboratoire d’autre part… Alors oui, on vous prévient, on en fait même sa raison d’exister: il y a les tirages d’art que l’on trouve en galerie, forcément hyyyyper cher (à les entendre) et eux, qui ont la bonté de rendre l’art accessible à tous, tout simplement en augmentant le nombre de tirage et en faisant baisser les prix d’autant sans arriver aux dizaines de milliers d’exemplaires d’un magasin de déco sans quoi la promesse n’est plus tenue.

These actors in the limited edition art photography market are naturally not aimed at discerning collectors, but anyone who, not daring to enter a gallery but refusing a new Swedish Sunday, says it’s probably a good compromise.

It’s up to you to see … at the height of good marketing, you are hammered that we sell you a limited edition art print … .hum … little legal reminder: for a print to be considered “art”, in France, it is necessary on the one hand that the number of prints is less than or equal to 30 , and that the author supervised the print at the laboratory on the other hand …

So yes, we warn you, they even make it their reason to exist: there are art prints that are found in gallery, necessarily veeery expensive (to hear them) and them, who have the goodness to make art accessible to all, simply by increasing the number of prints and lowering prices at the same occasion without reaching the tens of thousands of copies of a deco store, otherwise the promise would be no longer held.

An economic model at the expense of photographers

As far as the end customer is concerned, as we have seen, compared to a traditional gallery, the number of prints is multiplied, the benefits too. On the photographer’s side, it’s jackpot! No, not for the photographer, but for them!

With the explosion in the number of amateur or semi-professional photographers, there are many candidates and the inexhaustible photo reservoir for sale.

The photographer in search of visibility (not to say who dreams of glory) and the promise of $ in the eyes is deprived of the right to exploit his own photos (for a limited time) and is paid for each sale, very modestly it must be confessed; the commission varies according to the format of the print and the notoriety of the photographer but will not exceed 10$ for a print in 90x60cm, I let you calculate the margin ….

Make your choice !

So yes it is up to you, lover of beautiful photography, to make your market knowingly.

You want a real art print? Go to a photo gallery or go to see an author photographer who will sign his print.

Are you in search of original decoration? Again, why not shorten the supply chain and source at the source, from the creator himself.

Good news, you’re in the right spot !

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